Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Tuesday Morning. I am sitting here writing to you all as I listen to messages from Teen Leadership Conference 2007. http://www.bbc.edu/tlc/ This conference is very special to me. I went there in 2006 and it was there that I said to God, "God, I am willing to go wherever you would send me to do your will." At the time I was pretty sure that would mean full-time youth ministry. Little did I know that God would choose to use me and my family for full-time ministry right here in Pekin.

This past summer I was unable to attend TLC, because I was working for Pioneer. I have tried to listen to all the messages that took place that week. They definitely challenge me and cause to dig deep into God's word. The amazing thing is, these speakers are geared toward the students. I challenge all of you students out there to click on some of these speakers and take some time to listen to their Biblical challenges. Adults, you can benefit from the teaching also. Listen to God's word being taught, it can do wonderful things in your life.

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