Friday, June 1, 2012

and so it begins....

Today is the first day of June, and for me that means that summertime and a wealth of great ministry opportunities. I am so blessed to be here at Grace and have such wonderful students and families to serve alongside. This June we are taking on some great tasks and I cannot wait to see what all comes of it. Our seniors have graduated and now they are looking towards this being their last summer here as the leaders of our youth group. All of our seniors have been great leaders and I know this summer they will continue to lead us in a powerful way. Our biggest work this June will be leading the outreach at the Pekin Housing Authority. We will run a kids club from 1:00-2:30 the week of June 18th. Most of our efforts will lead to this week and making sure we are prepared to teach these kids and make a spiritural impact on their lives.

Friday, March 16, 2012


A few months ago I posted about a possible change in the name of the JOLT youth group here at Grace UMC. Well time has passed and we did change the name, to RadicaL. That might seem strange, but the leaders and students were very excited to take our name in a new direction.
Our students here are not your typical ones. They are different. They seek to know and serve Christ in ways that I have never seen students do before. Their hearts are in the right place and those around them notice this difference as well. I am personally very proud of them and love to see them grow in the Lord on a daily basis.
More updates will be coming soon, and as we prepare for the summer of 2012, I absolutely can't wait to see what God does.