Friday, May 2, 2008

"That must stop now"

"That must stop now." Those were the words from my doctor yesterday after she asked if I was still playing softball. I had to go back, because my wrist hasn't been feeling any better. Now I am officially on the DL. She wants me to take the next 4 weeks off and begin physical therapy to get the wrist back to full strength. I love playing ball, so this is not great news. Now if you ask the coaches that I play for, they may have a different view of the news :) It has been a long time since I have had any kind of physical therapy. Unlike Chuck, who has spent the last few years of his life there.
I had a chance to go to Dragon Pride last night. It was a neat experience. Seeing all the students up there was downright awesome. There are so many great students who are doing great things at Pekin High School. The work that was displayed last night was very well done. I am very proud to be able to call a lot of these students friends. Keep up the good work!

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