Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another College Weekend

This past weekend I had the great fortune to spend some time at Belmont University. One of the most special students we have asked me to go down there with her and her mom to check out the school. Belmont is a Christian University, however they are not what I would call a Bible College. Chapel is not required and as I told our tour guide, I do not like mixed dorms. I still do not get why colleges put guys and girls in the same dorm, albeit many times on different floors. Security is easier and the ability to track students and help keep them safe is more efficiently done with separate dorms. Enough of my complaints there.
The point is, I am so blessed to continue to be a part of the lives of such wonderful young people. Our college kids are so special to me and seeing them make these tough decisions is exciting and stressful. It is hard to not just tell them what to do, and hard to not overstep my bounds in sharing my opinions. Some of these young ladies are like my own daughters and seeing them grow up to serve our Lord and wanting to do His Will is such an incredible thing.
So be in prayer for college students, they need you!