Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School Shopping

Now that might sound like shopping for clothes, but we were actually looking at schools. With the new job and the move into Pekin, we as a family are looking at school options for Emily. This afternoon we visited Faith Baptist School here in Pekin. http://www.faithchristianofpekin.org/ It is a K-12 school located on Koch St. They have very high academic standards and teaching about the faith is a major part of the day. There are some differences from what Emily is used to. There is a strict dress code. Modesty is definitely the policy. There is a fine line between high standards and being legalistic. I don't want Emily to grow up thinking there are rules to follow to be one of God's children. However, having high clothing standards can make school a very safe place to be.
Please pray for us as we decide where our school will be next year. Thanks!

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