Monday, February 11, 2008

Temptation Message

Saturday night I had the opportunity to lead the Saturday night service here at the church. It was a great experience, except it was very clear that I am not qualified to lead singing. :) There was a great crowd there Saturday, which was a great help to me.
We studied Matthew 4:1-11, The Temptation of Jesus by Satan. On Wednesday nights, we have been studying Genesis, so I decided to compare the tempataion of Eve with the temptaion of Jesus. The 1st temptation was an appeal to the physical appetite. Eve was told she could eat the fruit, and Jesus was challenged to turn the stones into bread so he could eat. Remember Jesus had been fasting prior to these temptations. The 2nd temptation appealed to personal gain. Satan told Eve, she would not surely die if she ate of the fruit. Jesus was told that he would not be hurt if he hurled himself down, because the angels would come down to him and save him. The 3rd temptation appealed to power or glory. Eve was told that she would be like God. Satan told Jesus that he could have all the world's kingdoms if he would align himself with him.
All of Satan's temptations were going against God's Word. Satan wants nothing more than to see us go against God's Word and His will for our lives. How do we stay connected with God?
We need to spend time each day reading his word and having time in prayer with him. That way we will be ready to face the temptations of this world, and more importantly recognize when things are not jiving with God's will for us.

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