Friday, February 15, 2008

Noah and the Flood

Wednesday night at JOLT we started studying Noah and the flood. The account of which can be found in the book of Genesis. It starts in chapter 6 and carries on into chapter 9. On Wednesday, we started the story of Noah. We learned that Noah was a man of God and that God decided to use Noah to carry out his will. The world had turned wicked, and God decided to blot out humankind. He was instructed to build an ark and God would send animals two of each kind to it. Upon completion, there would be a great flood and only those on the ark would survive.
God had a plan for Noah, and God has a plan for us too. We only need to follow and trust God to learn what that plan is. We are never to young or old to be used for God's work. As teenagers, I think it is important to realize that you are not to young! God can and will use you right where were you are. Remember, God can accomplish anything. What seems impossible to us, is no problem for God. Don't be discouraged, remember that God is in control and you can depend upon Him for strength and guidance.
Next week we will continue with Noah.

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