Friday, February 29, 2008

Camp Man Comes to Town

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to hear from Camp of Champions director Peter Lindell. He came and talked to our high school students about Camp and the staffing needs he has for this summer. Camp of Champions is a christian day camp located on Broadway Road here in Pekin. There are also locations in East Peoria, Eureka and Peoria.

Peter then led us through a lesson from 1 and 2 Kings. He pointed out a list of kings who were good kings, but they didn't really do all that God had wanted them to do. They didn't serve and look out for their fellow man. At the end of their lives, they suffered or died. However, one king came along who did more then just love God. He did what God asked and he served others. He was given 15 extra years of life. The lesson was a real challenge to our students to look to serve and minister to others. We are not here just to love God, but to show God's love to others. Hopefully some of our students will have the opportunity to serve others through service at Camp of Champions this summer.

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Pheaney Lindell said...

I'm not sure about that 'Camp Man' He sounds kindof funny.