Monday, August 2, 2010

New Bibles

New Bibles are always exciting. I probably have more Bibles than any one person should have. This past year I have switched over to using the ESV version of God's Word. I read it for my devotion time and I have preached out of it when I get the opportunity to teach from the pulpit. Up to this point I have been pretty much the only one around me who has made this translation transition. However, the most amazing thing has happened over the past couple of weeks. Some of the guys in our youth group have bought new bibles. Now, knowing that some of your high school guys went out on their own to buy new Bibles is very exciting ,and you have no idea how wonderful it is to know that they did this. But, to top off that excitement, the guys decided that they would all get ESV versions. :)
Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to make the full switch in JOLT to ESV. Currently, Leslie is doing the teaching anyway, and she is fully confident in her NIV. I have a hard time finding words to describe how overwhelmed I was when I first heard that the guys all bought new Bibles. It is definitely a step of strength and faith to get your own Bible. It is truly a pleasure serving these young men and I cannot wait to see what God does through them this coming school year.

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