Monday, September 29, 2008

See You at the Pole

The annual See You at the Pole event took place this past week. It is where students all around the United States and the World gather at their school's flagpoles to pray. What an exciting morning it was. I had the opportunity to go to Pekin High School for both of their pole times. 6:00 am was when the early bird folks came to pray. 32 students attended and prayed for the lost in their schools and they even sang a couple songs. At 7:00 am 80 more students came to pray.
Seeing students pray and lift their cares to God is an incredible experience. That evening there was a rally where the Gospel was clearly presented and many students came to accept Christ. One of the students even came to Grace this past Sunday morning. She came all by herself! What a bold step to show her family and friends that she is ready to follow Christ. Please be in prayer for all of the students who prayed this past Wednesday as they begin their incredible journey with Jesus.