Thursday, August 25, 2011

Job and the Ark

On Wednesday night we have completed our study of the book of Job. Now I have a problem with calling Job, Noah. I realize they are different people and I know the difference, but I continue to make that verbal goof. Job is a fascinating study and there are some powerful lessons in there for all of us. The main lesson that I wanted my students to hear is that God is always in control. Not only is He always in control, He has ALWAYS been in control. As we read the line of questioning that God gives to Job towards the end of the book, that point is made exceedingly clear. God created everything from the earth and the heavens to the donkey and the dinosaurs.
If we really believe that God is the creator of all, then that should help us to better believe that He is completely in control of all that happens. I expressed to the students, that as a teenager it is sometimes difficult to understand this and live your life with this knowledge. Many things happen that cause us to question God and wonder why certain things happen to us and those around us.
All I can say is the sooner we can all come to grips that God is in control and His plans for us are for our best, then we can serve God better and share our faith more confidently.

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