Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More or Less

This past weekend I had the opportunity to preach and lead our youth as we presented a mission report to the congregation. you can check out the message at

Our lesson focus for the summer was More or Less. The theme coming from John 3:30, Jesus must become greater, I must become less. The students were challenged in a mighty way to begin this transformation in their lives. We are bombarded with so much in our lives and we live in a very selfish culture. Our students strive to get good grades, succeed in sports, or clubs and maybe even date and enjoy good friends. We talked alot this summer about putting those personal things aside and striving towards what God has planned for us. One thing that is for sure, this change probably won't happen overnight. It takes time to forge a lifestyle change and to allow God to come and transform our lives. These students are wanting this and I cannot tell you how excited I am. They are going to absolutely change the world, and many are already changing the atmosphere in their high schools.

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