Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Historical Night

What an incredible evening in the history of our country. It was neat to watch the reactions of so many people on the election of Obama as our next president. I must admit when he first announced and started his campaign I wondered if our country would elect an African-American as president. Our country has such an awful history of hatred and violence towards blacks. You could see the joy on the faces of many African-Americans in the crowd last night in Grant Park as president-elect Obama gave his speech.

We definitely need a leader to come and help to clean up the mess that is our country right now. Obama seems to be that leader. His ability to reach out and bring people in is exactly what is needed currently. I appreciate his knowledge of history, and I think that the world will stand up and take notice as to what has happened here. We will all look back one day and remember exactly how we felt when we heard that Obama was elected president and I hope we don't soon forget the civil rights activists who risked so much to bring our country to a point where this could happen.

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