Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Sale

Last Saturday we had a fantastic 1st annual big sale here at Grace. It was sponsored by the youth and the hospitality committee. Let me assure you, it would not have happened without their help. The ladies on the hospitality committee were fantastic, they did so much to help make sure everything went off without a hitch. Which it almost did.... we found out on Friday that the Pekin Daily Times had not placed our ad. This was not a good thing. I know many garage salers plan their Saturday route on Friday, and we were not in there to be looked at.

As we all know, God is in control and he works to bring good to His children. Of course, the sale went great on Saturday. There were a lot of great students who came to help and of course the hospitality committee and my wife were there to help also. Many of the folks who came through found some great bargains and I think we helped the community out with the a bag sale we held at the end of the day. You bought a bag for $1.oo and you could fill it as full as possible. There were many satisfied customers leaving with full bags of great stuff.
Thanks to all who donated and helped and shopped.

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