Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Earlier today I had the pleasure of visiting Methodist MedPoint. My wrist has been sore for about a week and this morning it just flat out hurt. Being the tough guy that I am, I tried to tough it out :) Chuck and I even went to Wal*Mart to look for a wrist brace. Nothing seemed to work, so I went and got it x-rayed. The radiographer is going to look at it tomorrow, so for now I am wearing a wrist splint. Which makes typing this whole thing a lot more difficult.

I think I hurt it playing softball last week, and then last night I must have aggravated it a little. Leslie tells me I am too old to be playing softball two nights a week, and maybe she is right. (don't tell her I said that)

Our God works in magnificent ways, and I know I will learn something about Him and His will for me through this. My week is pretty packed. It isn't the best time to have a splint on my arm. Our first game night with the YAM class is this Friday, and following will be a lock-in. I will also be preaching at all three services this weekend. I guess that means I will have to get through some more typing. The message will be on Acts 17:22-31. More on that next week.


Anonymous said...

We are sorry but we will be missing church on sunday and hearing you preach!!! Your last sermon was totally AWESOME...God's blessing on you and your family.

Judy/Ray Gordon

PS; I hope your wrist is better

toni said...

This is your second comment about being 'too old' as I catch up on your blogs. Chuck was still on two teams last year at....over 45 so you are not too old! They missed you on Tues night.