Monday, March 24, 2008


He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Yesterday we celebrated Easter. This is the day that celebrates our Lord and Savior Jesus Christs rise from the grave. His resurrection gives us all hope and the assurance of eternal life in Heaven. We can accept Jesus' free gift of salvation by acknowledging that we are sinners and asking for his forgiveness. What is so awesome is that Jesus can really save us because he is alive. All the other truth claims have "prophets" who are dead! Jesus is alive! This gives us confidence and assurance that what we believe is true.
Yesterday here at Grace, we had a sunrise service at 6:30 am . Now I realize that is really early, but it was a great service. The high school students read scripture and Chris put together some great videos that took the congregation through the Easter weekend. It was a very meaningful service and it was a joy to work with Chris and the students putting it all together.
This week, lets not forget that Christ is alive and we can have a relationship with him at anytime. Have a great week and I will have pictures added to this blog soon!

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Anonymous said...

If I didn't say this before, I am saying it again-the Sunrise service was AWESOME. KUDOS to the youth!!!

judy gordon